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January 24, 2010

Today was full of life in Christ. We were able to sleep in until the whopping hour of 7 AM. We really did get our much needed rest. We all had a personal devotion time to prepare for the medical clinic. We then put meds in bags and prepared gifts to give to those in the village. After lunch we loaded up the vans are left for the village. Although we left on time, we ran into a little glitch when we found out that they were repaving the road. It was going to be a 4 hour wait. We decided to take a different route to the village, but were again stopped when one of the vans began to leak transmission fluid. Praying over Dan seemed the right thing to do, and after that, Dan was led to call a different truck and after about an hour and a half another truck was able to pick us up and we were on our way to the village. The truck happened to be an open rack and the men were all chivilrous and took a ride in the open air the rest of the way. We made it there at 5:30 PM. Those in the village were eagerly waiting for us. They were very friendly and we were able to break the ice by taking pictures of them and then showing them the pictures on our digital cameras. They giggled and giggled. We pulled out colors and coloring books for the kids and we found that the adults loved them just as much. And of course they liked the candy. This was a small village of about 15 families, and they all had the opportunity to get the medicine they needed. We showed them the Jesus film and Hermano Jesus delivered a powerful message. The call was made to accept Jesus and the entire village–including old, teenage and young accepted Christ. We gave them all a New Testament Bible as well as food care package consisting of beans, rice and oatmeal. We were so excited a blessed. They are such sweet people. Blessings until tomorrow.

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